A mile and a half and we reached the cow pasture, and our swimming hole.  Scrabbling through the barbwire fence, Cousin Paul ripping his pants, we took off toward the creek.  Whooping and hollering, racing toward the cooling waters we peeled off what few clothes we wore. 
Meet The Author John Ferneau-Leinen
-Excerpt from Swimming Naked. 

   Swimming Naked:  Among my fondest memories are the years I lived in Sibley, Iowa with my parents, and extended family of grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins.  I was about eleven months old when my family moved to Sibley, and eight-years-old when we left Sibley.  A scant year later I would return to Sibley to live with my paternal grandparents during my mother’s illness, and subsequent death from cancer at age twenty-nine.  What follows is an accounting of the years when I returned to Sibley to live with my grandparents, Mike and Elizabeth (Lizze) Leinen.

   The story, and story lines presented here are based on events in my life from age nine to twelve.  Though it began in a time of grief it developed into, perhaps, one of the happiest and most memorable periods of my life.  The memories are special, and afford me great comfort and joy when I look back to those years of innocent childhood.

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A Cherished Gift, June 21, 2014By Crayon thief - This review is
​from: Swimming Naked (Kindle Edition)Once upon a time we were all children, and it is wonderful to read the adventures of my Grandfather's childhood. In this ever changing world, where people pass each other by without ever stopping, it is truly a gift to read a little bit of my family's history. These are the life experiences that began to shape who my Grandfather would later become, therefore shaping my Mother's views on what matters in life and finally my own. What better way to tell history than through the eyes of a child (a slightly naughty one at that)!

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