I began writing short stories, both fiction and non-fiction, in the late eighties. Published some, but also accumulated a desk drawer full of rejections. Finally tired of the: "Not for us," "Like story, but have too many similar," "Closed to submissions for the next two years." Anyhow, I chucked it all, gave up and sat around with my finger up my nose. Then with the dawning of the age of e-publishing, I dusted off Microsoft Word and went at it again in 2010.  I enjoy the art of writing, the fun of story telling.  If I never sold a copy I would still write solely  for the pleasure it gives me.

Other works from the Loghouse Studio

"The MacDoon Mission".

In late 1854 the Reverend Angus MacDoon, a Presbyterian minister, moved his family to the Mille Lacs lake area in Minnesota. He had been assigned to the Whitefish Lake Mission to replace the previous mission family, and to serve the white settlers in the region while bringing Christianity to the Ojibwe Indians. The Ojibwe village was located about twelve miles south and east of the mission. Most ofthe Ojibwe tribe accepted the white settlers, but with some suspicion. A small number exhibited a hostile attitude, which had been the reason for the exodus of the previous mission family. When the order came, Reverend Angus MacDoon didn’t question it; he immediately started preparations for the journey north. A staunch Presbyterian, questioning the order from the hierarchy of the church to pack up his family and take them north into possible hostile territory, never crossed his mind. After all he was a man of God, and he had pledged himself to spread the Word-of-God, no matter where that pledge might take him. It was in late spring of 1854 on a Friday, when the order came.