I began writing short stories, both fiction and non-fiction, in the late eighties. Published some, but also accumulated a desk drawer full of rejections. Finally tired of the: "Not for us," "Like story, but have too many similar," "Closed to submissions for the next two years." Anyhow, I chucked it all, gave up and sat around with my finger up my nose. Then with the dawning of the age of e-publishing, I dusted off Microsoft Word and went at it again in 2010.  I enjoy the art of writing, the fun of story telling.  If I never sold a copy I would still write solely  for the pleasure it gives me.

Other works from LogHouse Studio:

‚Äč      Coming in the near future "The MacDoon Mission".

The adventures of a Presbyterian missionary's family in the Ojibwe Nation of Minnesota during the 1850s.  They started out as five from Hannibal Missouri.  By the time they reached the Whitefish Lake mission they had become twelve.